Thursday, December 9, 2010

Epic History

If you have been following either of my blogs you probably realized that I have an affection for vodka history and chocolate comedy.   Back quite a few months ago I published ( with permission)  World War 2 if it had facebook (here).

Simply put this stuff is epic.  It's accurate and cracks me up.  Pure genius way beyond my scope of  effort or string of conscious thought capabilities. Especially when I am suffering with the plague/flu/hangover stuffs.

So then yesterday I get sent this   -  If Twitter had been around for our Founding Fathers " We hold these tweets to be self evident"  I couldn't reach the genius Matt Silverman in time to get permission and since I don't know nothing about thieving Ms Scarlett I will just link to "that" site for now. Here

Then I got this.  I will admit to you that I shared it via email with about 30 people and then contacted the creater Nice Peter. I went and liked his FaceBook page ( here) and sent him an email asking if I could share his video over here on the pits. Here is his reply.


Most definitely.
Feel free to embed any of my youtube videos on your wonderfully peachy vlog. 

-nice peter

Ok  people,  I got a smiley face (BONUS) and I have to tell you seeing  "Nice Peter to You"  on my email  (DOUBLE BONUS) was pretty damn funny all in itself.

So check out this Rap Battle between the Awesome Abe Lincoln and the Grand Master Chuck "hammer nails with my nuts" Norris.   from the Genius of Nice Peter.

Dare I say...  Indeed Sir Abe and Master Norris  This battle was epic !
I hope you all enjoyed it as  much as I did and now you can run about liking Nice Peters Facebook and subscribing to his YouTube and leaving funny comments for him.

I am totally ready for the weekend.

***DISCLAIMER***- I have spent the last 49+ hours totally hopped up on Nyquil and junk. ( by junk I mean hot toddies)   So I may find myself and these posts way funnier right now then they appear in the mirror.   Also did you guys know they stuck a liver damage warning on Nyquil?  WTF?  Really cause I am thinking washing those Nyquil back with a Hot Toddie can only add to my chances of winning this lotto.  


Unknown said...

These are GREAT !!!

Laugh. It's Life in Progress said...

AMAZING! Hope your Nyquil / Toddie induced hilarity is coming to a close, for your liver's sake. Feel better soon hon.