Friday, July 22, 2011

Dedicated to Sam I Am

Upon a time, I was wild and carefree, living the life to see what was in it for me.
Then one day I became a mother,  to a beautiful girl,  that was the day I handed over my world.

She was just the first of 3,  but she was the one who helped define me.
Now she is grown, graduated and gone on her own.

My only daughter my beauty my Sam I am,
The best big sister on the planet the princess of the fam.

A parents wish for the child is that they have a better life
Admittedly no matter how hard I tried I never got it quite right.

She is the person I wish I could become,  the oldest the leader the number 1
Oh Sam I am,  how do I love thee let me count the ways

Even though you have moved on and out I think of you every day.

My actions were wrong, my words are not right,  and yes I understand that often we fight.
But know this my darling beautiful girl,

For you my precious love, I would truly move the world.

Thank you for making me me, and if anyone on this planet deserves the best of everything it is truly you.

Beyond words my darling and to the stars and back.



The Reckmonster said...

You and Sam-I-Am are BOTH lucky to have such a rockin' mom and a kick ass daughter. Apples and trees, baby, apples and trees...

Sam said...

Well thanks mom, I love you to, very very much.

Tawnya said...

This entry made me cry... Mainly because I wish my mom and I had a relationship like that. You guys do ROCK and I am a little jealous but very very happy for the two of you as well.

Oilfield Trash said...

This was very sweet.

That Janie Girl said...



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Admin said...

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