Thursday, November 18, 2010

Common Science Day

Yes you can indeed get an education via fun via blogs. Not all blogs unless you want a recipe or a handmade human hair doll or stickers or something,  so other than groups with a purpose you only have humor bloggers to help "educate" you.  Sorry, I guess humor bloggers are like public school of education, free and you have to pay attention and pray you get the teacher/blogger on xanax so she won't overload your brain at ramped crack speed.

Here's all the science you need to know today. I will never try to make you over think.

a- an object in motion tends to stay in motion-  this means if you throw your cell phone out the car window it will indeed keep going.
b- fire is hot best not to play with fire sober or drunk
c- a man who hits on you via email should do things  like type in English or get humiliated
d- back up your stuff on a zip drive, label the zip drive so the funny naked sexy drunk zip drive doesn't pop up during a business meeting.
e-Justin Beiber is really Justank Beaver and in turn Donny Osmands kid and I proved it here
F-and  Everything that goes down does come up ---  See a picture of mom in her early 20's ,  see picture of mom in her 40's real simple people
G Never spit into a fan- ALSO RELATED -  do not barf into the wind.
H- if someones hand is in a appliance don't turn it on.
I- if Judge Judy and Gordon Ramsey had a child they would need an old priest a young priest and a bath tub of  Holy Olive Oil to get that bugger an exorcism.
J- If you're in a situation when more speed is needed getting to your bathroom because it's urgent- You will be will be blocked by a pet, followed by a child, step on a lego and the one moist part on the floor will knock the wind our your sails just as you slam your spine on it.

So that's all the common sense science for today...

Have a great smart and newly scientific kind of day.