Tuesday, November 30, 2010

just wow

I spent the last 4 days pushing a cause.  I am not a cause blogger.  I blog cause I want to.  I put away my super man cape years ago when I realized I was helping everyone but myself.  But I got out the old  ratty moth riddled cape and blue the dust off it.

Since my cape was all crusty and stuff, and I am not a famous big name blogger or a "known name"   I turned to you, my friends,  my readers, other bloggers.  You did not let me down.  You ironed and starched your capes. and took off with the cause of support for Trevor.  Trevor is 13 in UAB having serious open heart surgery today 11/30/2010.

If you haven't please go click attending on his FaceBook event Blue Out for Trevor by clicking here.

The amount of comments offering well wishes, prayers, support on all of the blogs and facebook walls simply has blown my mind.  So I tried to " summarize" it for Trevor and his family by making a little video.  Enjoy

Think of Trevor today and his family.  It has been a real honor watching social media support Trevor.


If you can help financially this is the PayPal that has been set up to help.

All bloggers doing a post, or placing one of Trevors cool badges on their site ( you can see them on my right ad space)  please go ahead and log in on Mr Linky !


Midwestern Mama Holly said...

It really was/is so awesome to see the way bloggers all over came to the front and shouted out to Trevor. Makes me proud to be a blogger!!! And Peachy.. do NOT sell yourself short.. we're all in this because of you and the video you made....MOST XCELLENT !

ThePeachy1 said...

U know I love you long time.. also have I been farting on my blogs lately? I mean they must stink cause NO ONE is commenting on either of them LOL