Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday - I got nothing

uhm, yeah, I am mentally and physically exhausted from all the surgeries of my dad, surgery yesterday with my mom and blah blah life blah life, blah suck life, blah.  They are both fine so don't send concerns, plus the one that isn't a whiner handles remarkable things like a champ and the other is well yeah whatever.

so here. I got nothing, really, not a freaking thing.  No blog post, no thoughts that are cohesive so you get nothing it's like a big sucking black hole in space

and although I am way behind and super short on time I just spent 15 minutes making you that graphic because just a sucking black hole would not do.  Since my name is really Kirk you had to have my ship and of course the obligatory random floating screaming Kirk head.

I love you that much, you are welcome.

I have to go put my phone in the garbage disposal and lose my keys.

Have a great weekend.



Overthinking Mama said...

i hope things get better for ya sweetie!!

<3 u

Oilfield Trash said...

Get some sleep.

Unknown said...

We'll steer the ship Kirk.. get some rest.

Nadine said...

Hang in there, sweetie! Know how you feel--went through multiple surgeries with Dad before he died in 2008, was caretaker for Mom after double-mastectomy this last March. Also got fun of escorting husband for colonoscopy last Tues.
My point? It's similar to yours, I believe. I would RATHER be the one having the procedure, surgery, etc., than be the caretaker for a loved one in that position. It just wipes me out: physically, emotionally and throws life out of control until the loved one gets better. This may make me a bad caretaker, but I think that I care TOO much (maybe you as well), therefore the exhaustion.