Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh Dear Mr Wizard behind the Curtain can you help us?

Now those are kick ass Ruby slippers YO!

Update-  Just 1.5 miles from the Wizards office I received a phone call that my appointment had been cancelled.   Which is cool I guess, and by cool I mean, hell yeah who the hell really wants to go through that shit, but sucks because just last week  when I went to another Dr's appointment I got to his office like 5 minutes before my appointment.  I waited in line to be checked in, the girl had to take a phone call which entailed her sending a fax ( yes they still use a fax machine) and then pulling a chart and then she finally called me up to check me in. When she was done checking me in I was 5-8 minutes late for my appointment, she called the Dr in the back office and they billed me as a no show and I had to be rescheduled  to punish me for not being "early enough".

The Point is, it's a double standard.  Would you take this shit from a car salesman?   How about your CPA?  No you wouldn't.  It's not really health care.  It's health industry and I can give you a solid guarantee on a satin  pillow that not one of those fucktards give a flying fuck if I live or die or about my quality of life. They simply care about billable hours, and and how fast the numbers come through.  Period.  They have student loans to pay, enormous malpractice insurance and boy do they need that shit.  Why if the fucking  nutsucking cat shit for brains weren't located on a military base I would have 13 law suits against them in the past month alone.  Check it, I am not even exaggerating for a change.  

They are brilliant.   And by brilliant I mean  just as fucking awesome as the feeling you get when you drank way way way too much hard liquor and the next day you can't get off the toilet and your sure your asshole is on fire and your releasing your vital organs straight out your anus.

So thank you non health care.

Oh on the upside, I don't have  a  prostrate,  ( sorry to the people that do).  I am sure the military will get confused and try to electrocute that also.




laughingmom said...

The doctor who refused to see you is worse than the wicked witch - I can understand if you arrive 15-20 minutes late- but that is just plain mean!

Oilfield Trash said...

But I thought you liked being "probed" in that hole? lol

ThePits of BeingPeachy said...

I fucking love you people, also I think I am going to just ask for a prostrate exam and see if they even flinch.
wtf do I have a word verification on my own damn blog? fuck you blogspot.

Dazee Dreamer said...

I would have totally gone ape shit on them and told them no way in hell would they have to reschedule me and get me the freak back there NOW. The girl on the phone should have checked in people first before the phone call. bad, bad