Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things I've learned along the way

There are a few life lessons to take into consideration. I will attempt to cover a few areas for you.  You Are welcome..

Career Hint: If you are working through accounting technical problems with Coca-Cola Inc, and you need to call them about it in the morning, do not write 'DEAL WITH COKE PROBLEM" on your Outlook calendar. It comes across badly to co-workers.

Marriage Hint: When your wife informs you that her period has begun, saying "Kinda figured" won't add to marital harmony. 

Educational Hint: When writing a paper for history, make sure you know who it’s supposed to be about. That A+ 3 page paper on Ben Franklin will get you an F if you were supposed to write about Thomas Jefferson.

Parenting Hint: If your son trips into the bowling lane you are playing in, do not run out to rescue him as fast as you can. The lanes are waxed.

Legal Fun Hint:  Wear a red polo and kahkis to Target, when customers ( or other employees)  talk to you speak  back in pig latin or just move your lips without making noise.  I checked, it's not illegal.

Go ahead guys, enjoy the ride, it's too short not to.



laughingmom said...

TOTALLY have to try the Target bit - or at least have hubby give it a go - course he has such a country accent that most people don't understand him when he's talking normally!

Oilfield Trash said...

You just had to throw in the Ralph Machio "wax on" bit huh? lol

The Reckmonster said...

Do you know HOW many times I was dumb enough to wear a red shirt to Target (inadvertently) and get asked where such and such was?! I have to actually PLAN a wardrobe now just to take trips to Target.

Marvi Marti said...

Once again, I'm cracking up. You make my days with your posts!

I've given you an award, stop by to grab it if you happen to collect them. If not, no offense taken here, you still are the total bomb when it comes to making us all laugh.

The Absence of Alternatives said...

Is that you in the picture? :-)

I am glad you have learned stuff along the way. I have learned nothing. Other than the fact that yes you do get hungry faster after eating rice. LOL

ThePeachy1 said...

NO that is not me in the picture, I always "take" the picture so unless you see my face and or boobs it's not me in the picture. Also I have red hair. ( also a huge ass- which I have earned).