Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Epic Mackerel Battle

I shit thee not

I don't like to rub it in that I happen to live on the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico with 27 miles of man made beaches and Casinos and Mardi Gras and all that wonderful stuff.   But sometimes it's really hard not to point out just how freaking fabulous this place is.

Sure sure..  this is the mothership of every single "People of Walmart" picture that has ever made you gag or bleach your eyes.

So with my job ( using the term loosely here)  I get to do all sorts of crazy fun stuff  sometimes.

Recently I spent 6 hours on a huge charter boat with these Engineers/Tourist.  As a videographer.

I think no one should ever take themselves too seriously,  so realizing that after a full day sport fishing, you really shouldn't leave my state after meeting me without a solid freaking fish fight.

I actually made these 2 tourist partake in a mackerel fight while I shot film  before they could get in their vehicle and head back to their state.   I am that cool.

Enjoy this moment of insanity they will take home with them as a solid memory.

I know they will remember this forever because well.  A Spanish Mackerel is sharp, in fact the poor guy in the red shirt has a split and bleeding lip from a FISH SLAP, that you just saw.  I can only assume that the beers will not be sufficient in fighting off the bacteria but honestly I do plan to put in some light saber sound effects but I know you guys are all thinking the doctors finally won and killed me, but I don't want anyone collecting on the Peachys Death Date Pool you had running.  I am actually alive and running about. Making people who visit my state do completely insane things just to entertain me, and of course you.




Oilfield Trash said...

That marina looks like the one down by the old Isle of Capri casino.

And that was pretty cool by the way.

Al Penwasser said...

Another great example of the "Gulf Way of Life": the "Annual Mullet Toss" (well, it was annual in 1995. I can't say whether it's still "annual") at the Florabama bar on the Florida/Alabama state line (hence the oh-so-clever bar name).
Ahhhhh, the Gulf Coast.........

The Empress said...

It is great to know that you can get tourists to do your bidding. That must make up some for the fact that you live amongst the mothership of the Walmart weirdos. Glad to hear you are up and around again!

The Animated Woman. said...

I'd love to see that fish slap speed-ed up!

Chunky Mama said...

Nice to see all those near death experiences of your haven't like... fried your brains or anything...
Crazy Lady.
Happy 4th!

Jessica Thompson said...

Cool, thanks!