Thursday, June 23, 2011

how about you bite me.

I signed for 3 letters today.

Three certified letters came from a Government Run Entity that goes by 3 letters ...

Go figure.

It's not enough me and the husband have worked our entire lives, aren't criminals, raise our children to be morally responsible and if they aren't make them accountable.

It's not really even enough that my husband spent 20 years working at a job that at any moment they could tell him he had a new job, cleaning toilets, in a war zone, and wouldn't see his kids grow up for a few years, all at the astounding rate of minimum wage.

I am thinking it's probably not enough that even though we have a kid that is now an adult that could have gotten one of those so called " crazy checks" from the Government for nearly 19 years he didn't and we struggled to cover the costs.

You know the entire my health thing with the brain, the spine, and all that jazz?  yeah Guess what,  I ate some humble pie and checked out the Disability stuff and was treated like a shitty diaper but Rudezilla McNasty and told NO.   I only did it, because I had a daughter wanting to finish college, a special needs kid and a young child and my Doctors had told me I couldn't work anymore or that entire "death shit" would happen.  So I thought oh, since I have worked my entire life and now if I work death will kill me,  I will get some of what I paid back.  HA. NO and hell double NO.

I am also fairly sure my daughter is in the .0000000000000000001% of her Universities student population that actually is paying for her education.  NO slam on the people that get grants but let me just say, she has been made fun of more than once for "not knowing how to jack the system".

So when these 3 little letters today came from the 3 lettered Service.  All the air left my body.  Then I threw up.    They used words like seize property and levy, and garnished,  and frozen,   YOU ARE FUCKED.  OK maybe they didn't actually type the words "you are fucked" but it's in there.    

These 3 little letters decided that 9 years ago,  NINE  years ago,  our now dead accountant made a mistake on our taxes.  A  $58,000  mistake.    Let me repeat that.   a FIFTY EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLAR MISTAKE.

Sorry I had to go throw up again.

Our accountant that handled all that 9 years ago died, but I can assure you we did not make enough money 9 years ago to pay $58 in taxes.   What's even better you ask?  Well 6 years ago there was this little storm called Katrina.  Guess who doesn't have a copy of a damn thing from 9 years ago.   I've moved 3 times in 9 years,  and went through a Hurricane, my accountant died and I got nothing.  RIP sweet little accountant dude.  But DAMN...  I got NOTHING.

So  guess what 3 little letters.  What is it that you want from me exactly.  the 99 Minivan with no ac?   Or the stack of medical bills I have piled up?   Maybe a big flat of freaking RAMEN?


OH wait. wait..  here's an idea and not to be political or anything,  but  the guy who is running your shop,  is an appointed person, and guess what,  he hasn't filed in 3 years.  I file every year.

over 100 members of congress who GET PAID IN TAX DOLLARS,  OWE BACK TAXES.

How many of them are driving a 99 minivan and eating Ramen?  yet you come after me with some bullshit inflated mutherfucking number that I can't prove?  You bastards.   You dirty stinking bastards.

A note saying due to the economy you need to collect?   WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU KIDDING ME?


fuck this.  I am going to throw up again and then I will probably write you a letter with a mapquest directions on how to find my ass so you can kiss it, what the fuck are you going to do, freeze my bank account it's got $2 in it. Take it you piece of fucking shits.  Make sure you pay congress though and they get to work out in their nice fucking gym you idiots,  also please use your tax payer dollar funded cell phones to take shots of your crotches and twitter them,  fly around the country and eat like the fat spoiled bastard pigs you are.

I will go in the kitchen and fix my kid and nice bowl of STEAM for dinner and ICE for desert.  You shittard pasty snakes.  How dare you practically guarantee we will become a statistic yet sit so high and righteous when you have the moral fiber of a piece of used toilet paper.




The Random Blogette said...

This made me want to throw up. You would think that after everything you have been through they would just forget about it.

Squatlo said...

Oh shit... every adult's second worst nightmare (the first being the death of a child) is notification of an audit from the Gestapo.

Do your best to appease the gods, render unto Caesar, yadda yadda, and what do you get for playing by the rules? You get to sit face to face with some paste-eater who now gets to play power games with your life.

Best of luck to you, and if you've gotta hurl, save it for the first face to face meeting. On their desk. Or in their lap. Into his coffee.
Make it count, and write it off as a diet expense.

Oilfield Trash said...

This makes me sick. I hate the government and their 3 letter organization.

And I so damn agree with you about jackasses in congress owning back taxes.

Carol said...

SHit. Now I want to throw up. And I just finished the last of the ramen. Double shit.

Chunky Mama said...

I am currently flipping them off and yelling "Fuck you, you assholes!!" from my couch. Not sure how effective it is considering my couch is in Los Angeles, but I am hopeful that the bad juju I'm sending out will bite them in the ass.

Sorry, Peach. This blows beyond all belief.

Dazee Dreamer said...

oh my fucking god. That is wrong, wrong, wrong. I want to post this blog somewhere. I'd like to email it the damn Incompetent reptile stupidasses.

I'm totally in your corner.

The Empress said...

That is disgusting Peachy. You should send a copy of this blog post to the President and ask him how the fricking hell you and everyone else like you is supposed to survive when the only people getting fucked over taxes are those that could actually use a little help.

ThePeachy1 said...

Thanks guys, yes I am pretty pissed off and my Grandmother is probably spinning in her grave and my husband would flip that I wrote it. But instead of helping my daughter with a student loan, or coughing up the $500 bucks of required public school supplies and uniforms, or fixing the AC on my van, I know have to hire a lawyer, one who will take payments, and get a cut. Because we used all of our savings due to the middle kids hospital stays and katrina rebuilds. we have nothing left. If they garnish us or freeze anything point blank, we are 1 check/ 1 week from becoming a statistic. Yet the people who are salary paid out of tax payer money, do not pay their taxes, get free cars, free medical, free flights, work a cumulative total of less than 4 months a year and vote themselves raises 100% health care for life and full retirement no matter how long they serve. Yet they cheat, lie, sex scandals and the rest. I had upsetting medical news this morning then got these letters and wrote before my brain had a chance to think about what I was doing by throwing this personal info out there. We will survive. It is only money. The health and family is more important, I am just disgusted.