Monday, May 30, 2011

Remembering to Say Thank you.....

The sun can not set a single day without me remembering in some small way to think of the price that they have paid.

Those so young that have left behind their childlike dreams and toys. All the little girls turn to women and men that spring from little boys.

The ones left behind are the moms and dads, the sisters the brothers, the young wives and soon to be mothers.

The families struggle on in a world that doesn't notice each day, yet they wait for the next word from the the piece of their heart so very far away.

So while we all get carried away with our own little worlds. So easy to do, if you could please take time to just stop and say.

Thank you.

From my Family to the Family of anyone who has every served or loved someone who served this country, thank you for your sacrifice for this country and the freedom around the world.




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