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I have had webpages, news sites, tourism and personal sites since around 1997.  But in 2009 I decided to enter the world of the blogosphere.  My other sites never garnered  an opportunity to interact but simply a place for people to gather information.  I want interaction.  Not sure where I would fit in, because I have always had a tilted view on the world and am not the cookie cutter Stepford wife/mom type ( possibly biggest understatement of the year)  
When my world was again turned on it's head ( hello world can you stop this enough already) last year I had 2 choices, slip into a self pity funk of life or start interacting with others.  Clearly I chose the later. 
I started a stand alone blog at www.beingpeachy.com not in any networks and began writing, for myself, laughing at myself, laughing at others,  it went through so many changes in the first few months and took on a life of it's own, it is where I live on the internet.  This is like my vacation home, so there should be some hot guys around here somewhere.
I quickly grew to love and adore a great number of bloggers, both classically trained ( is there such a thing?)  and the I am so throwing my hat in this ring type.  1 thing is common,  they all do it for a purpose.  Whether that purpose is to create an income, a place to say things that need to be said, a place to make friends or a place to make people laugh.  They all have a purpose.
I met  some great people that use blogspot and had issues with customization or other little things that prompted me to have to actually get an account here so I could try to walk them through making theirs work for them.  So if you are looking for me  on a regular basis go visit me at my actual blog or email, or tweet me or facebook me. But don't facepalm me I get headaches and that would ruin all the fun for both of us. come on over and see me! 
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