Thursday, February 17, 2011

falling down

There is no explanation of what has happened over the last few days to make me into this

I am a humor blogger, your laugh booty call.  So instead of doing nothing more than airing a shit ton of personal insanity dirty laundry.  I opt to skip out. To fall down.  Honestly I wish I had the balls of the guy in falling down.  Far too many people need a wake up call.  But also instead of being like him I am actually like  this

But with less money, cameras, make up and fake nails,and I hope a hella lot less crazy.

I know you come here for the funny, which means I am not holding up my end of the bargain. I do apologize but if I tried to spit out some bullshit funny post today it would turn out like Brittaney shaving her fucking head and you would just be seriously confused.  So I opted to step out from behind my curtain of protection and be honest.  Right now my fucked up meter is reading full, and my sanity and humor meter is running on empty.
If you don't come back I get it.  I don't need or want your sympathy I dropped the ball. My job was to provide you with a laugh or a hell yeah, but I am fresh out.
Well except for this which sort of fits the mood perfectly.

This is probably the best EVER therapy session on the planet.  At least in my opinion, which is why I don't have one.




The Absence of Alternatives said...

Awwww. Baby. I left a comment on the other side too. I am sorry you are going through some shitstorm it sounds like. You are more than a Bloggy Booty call (and btw, I totally get what you are trying to say with that awesome new term "BBC" - I am NOT your BBC! We should make t-shirts!) I hope you come up for air soon. xxoo

pattypunker said...

i feel for you doll. i can totally relate to feeling like a cross between a postal michael douglas in falling down and paula abdul after a weekend drug binge. wish i was there with you and for you.

if you need to talk or vent, email or DM me. (((hugs)))

Mooner Johnson said...

Peach. I hope whatever it is gets better, and soon.

The video is a scream. After thirty-plus years of therapy, I can tell you those are effective methods. I hear those two words often.

The Empress said...

Hang in there. This too shall come to pass. ...Love your line about being a "laugh booty call".

Unknown said...

I love you and you have all my #'s... use them anytime !!

Lin said...

We all need a break at some point. And I don't think anyone expects you to be lmao funny all the time...hope things get better love.

Miley said...

Did you know that sometimes Eddie Murphy cries? True story. I bet Rhea Perlman cries too.

I'll wait while you recover from shock.

You take care of you. You can be funny later.

Al Penwasser said...

Laugh booty call? I feel so cheap...
Then, the doctor offered advanced therapy...."Knock it off!"

Glad I found your blog.

The Reckmonster said...

Boomslang, you take whatever respite you need to get the funny venom pumping again! We all love you no matter what, and we'll be waiting when you get back...with a nice warm spot ready for you. XO Cobra sisters unite!!! And here's me sending you all of my positive vibes-n-shit to use as you need, for whatever you need them for!!!

squatlo said...

I miss Bob Newhart! And that IS the funniest therapy session I've seen, and probably about as effective as most.

Chin up, Ma'am... we'll hold down the fort while you find the key to your Orgasmatron again.

Take your time, your adoring disciples will be checking in every day until you're back at it!