Monday, June 18, 2012

Your kind of event !

This conversation  took place between me and my husband while he was at work this morning on chat.   There was a story on the midday news about an "event" coming up, and 2 people were there representing the event and giving information about it.  It so happens that my husband enjoys these types of events but has NOT been to one in the over 15 years we have been married because he had the common sense to completely avoid letting me be aware of this until I had invested way too much time and gained too much weight to go back in the dating pool.   The names and places of the event have been changed to protect the creepy people that may or may not be innocent... allegedly.

Peach- it was just on the news the local dude, I guess it lasts 24 hours straight and they camp out??? seriously?? anyway the 2 guys on totally look like text book pedophiles, I'm sure they are super skilled at social settings, anyway it kicks off with a free pic nic & food at noon on "insert date", then they start " insert activity" at 1pm, then the continuously "insert activity"t until 1pm on sunday, they are encouraging families to come out, they will have "insert 3 kinds of modern and not modern technology", "insert awards" for kids to make contact, and "other stuff" whatever it's called it took me a minute to figure out they weren't profiling serial killers. here's the site they gave "insert website" and I could only write down 1 guys phone number fast enough "insert guy who gave his personal cell phone on the news "it's in "insert town"

Droid- yeah, we can go check it out if you want. Unless its a big "insert word that implies that this event could be bigger" event it will be fairly boring....I have been in many "insert event" as an " insert term for person who spent time at these". I even had a pic of me and Pat Sherrill at one of the

*** If you don't know who Pat Sherril is, but have used the term "going postal" at this point I will wait while you go and google Pat Sherril because you need to understand that there is a picture of my husband WITH this person????"

Peach- oh we totally need to find that picture because that is probably the ONLY thing that would make those people less creepy

Droid- Well It had pat standingin front of one of the emergency op vans...

Peach - but yes we should go, it does sound like fun, and it would be cool for you and "the prince" to do/see, plus we really don't get out and I will assume that it's free... and they probably have candy in their pockets or vans

Droid- black and white thing.. might be in that red photo albmun or something somewhere

Peach - their rape vans

Droid- oh it will be free, trust me, they WANT the public to see it, and hopefully get some new meat interested in "insert hobby/obsession"

Peach- yeah you said meat,

Peach-  ok well I guess we will go, I've never been, I'm up to trying new things, that don't involve me or my kid getting murdered.  Do you think the Prince is too old to wear a leash?

Peach-  I think I will dress like a cop just in case  or do you think that would make people less or more likely to kill/injure/kidnap me?

Peach-  not sexy cop, like in a mini skirt and boobs out and high heels, but like a manly cop, with a bullet proof vest so you can't even see my boobs cause they are mashed down. Never mind that sounds really uncomfortable and if I am uncomfortable I wont have a good time no matter how awesome and friendly these people who avoid all human contact are.  Do you think that's why some cops seems grumpy?

Peach-  Never mind the cop thing, " the prince"  is a green belt now so I wont worry about the leash plus we had that gps chip implanted in him when he became a tween anyway.   Plus it will probably be really hot out, so I might wear something like the thing Princess Leia wore when she was chained to Jabba the hut.  WAIT  I have it, you wear the Princess Leia slave bikini thing and I will go as Jabba the hut and you can be chained to me, that way you will be like bait and I can eat all the free food they have there.  That's the plan ok?

Peach- I thought about I will pack us a lunch their food probably has ruffies in it.  That would totally suck if we got ruffied and then " the prince" had to drive us home because he still has a couple years before he can get a license and he nearly drove into the house on the riding lawn mower this weekend,  how does that happen?  I mean he has 2.5 acres to drive around the house is not in the way.  So yeah he's totally not driving us, but I don't want to pack a lunch, so here's the deal, YOU don't eat there, I will, because honestly I don't care what you do if I am ruffied as long as you don't sell me to anyone or something, but since I will be dressed like Jabba the hut I will probably be good.

Peach-  do you think we can rent one of those scooter things?  I mean if I get ruffied it would probably be better to have a scooter so you could just drive me around rather than drag me since you will be dressed in a bikini like Princess Leia.

Peach-  ok so we will go to this thing,  we know what we are wearing, who is eating, transportation,  it's all set,  do you realize how hot our UPS guy is?  Seriously?  that guys is flat out smokin' hot,  he just came by but we didn't get anything he was on the wrong road which is his code for,  " hey baby want some afternoon UPS guy?" and I was like oh yeah you know it,  then I told him I would be all ruffied up after this event, and he gave me that look and said he would be back,  even if I have to send something to myself.  Are you even listening to me?  WTH are you doing?

Droid-  yeah baby I'm listening,  sounds good looking forward to it,  I'm eating a Beef Stew MRE for lunch, it's pretty good.

Peach-  MRE?  uhm your a computer guy in a downtown complex with 5 restaurants within walking distance?   I have to go. I think the cat did bath salts it's trying to eat the stairs, which I guess to a cat on bath salts looks like a human face.

Have a great week...


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A heartfelt letter from a sweet little old lady.

enjoy your day,