Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Boil On The Buttocks Of Society

I guess it should have really come as no surprise to me when I read that Glen Beck has once again proven that he is a festering boil on the ass cheeks of the world. I'm talking about the man who once (while)on air phoned the wife of a competitor and cruelly mocked her for having just suffered a miscarriage. The same man who went so far as to insinuate that his competitor "couldn't do anything right, including make a baby." Well he has struck again.

This time he not only mocks Gene Cranick, the man who lost his home when local firefighters refused to extinguish the fire, but he also sides with the Fire Department who made the decision not to respond. Beck stated:
 "Cranick got what he deserved, as a good-for-nothing freeloader, who would be “sponging off” his neighbors, if the county firefighters didn’t take a stand."

Beck and his co-hose ( typo, but since it fits, it stays)  Pat Gray goes on to mock Mr Cranick's southern accent through out most of their segment seemingly taking great pleasure in portraying him as a bumbling redneck.

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?? WHY???!! Do people listen to this man? Not only listen, but believe and support the rhetoric and hate he spews?? Beck epitomizes everything that is wrong about this country. From the ME ME attitude to the looking down upon the less fortunate and turning our collective backs on our fellow man.

Glen Beck... do us all a favor and Die In A Fire while begging someone to put you out.


Nadine the Minx said...

I can't find words that will work well enough to express the disgust I feel for this boil on the ass of humanity Glen Beck (and, no, I don't give a fuck if there are 2 "n"s in his name or not. I'm going to alert my friend Anntichrist Coulter to this--NO ONE can express disgust for these idiots like she can. Annti is truly an artist of words. In the meantime I am a big believer in Karma AND he WILL get his.
What an evil son-of-a-bitch. And to think he gets PAID for that drivel.

Miley (woman:confused) said...

As if you weren't already a "fan" of his before... I can't.. oh my... sigh.
What a total turd. I don't even have the words. (That says a lot coming from me)

R.W. Wells said...

I did a post on Mr. Cranick and my angle was going to be Beck but once I started, the waves of nausea violently set in. I'm tired of hearing from him, seeing him and knowing there are people that want this asshamper to go on breathing.

Anonymous said...

I think in general - the tenents of his arguments are sound - reduce personal debt, self-reliance, America first etc. etc. Indeed he was a drug addict and a bit of a jerk when he was in his early 20's but in the history of radio - that was a nutty time in top 40 'ZOO' radio formats. It was not uncommon for insane rivalries between radio stations and Beck was PAID to be insane. I think upon self reflection, he is not proud of his youth and his poor decisions. However, evolving ones beliefs and conventions with age is not at all unusual or insincere. It is simply the act of growing up. Most people do it eventually but most of us don't do in public in the early days making $250,000 a year to be outrageous on purpose.

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

Glen - Its okay to post here with your real name. You don't have to use Anonymous *wink*