Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hi guys, it's me.  Yep, ThePeachy1.   As you may have noticed  or  notI have been a little absent.
 I had some super secret stuff to tend to I will fill you all in with as much detail as I can next week.  But you know I am an avid supporter of not posting on the weekend. because I am lazy.
( only for me- I like for other people to post because it gives me stuff to read when I can't sleep)

To be honest Tuesday and Wednesday were seriously a blur here and by Wednesday night I knew I was probably going to have to disappear like the loch ness monster during tourist season.

At 10:09pm CST on Wednesday I sent an email on Facebook to 4 people who have never met me.  Yes they are bloggers.  Yes they are funny and yes I consider them my friends.   I told them I had to bolt, no explanation, no questions were asked.  Within 5 minutes they had it covered, and within a few hours everyone of them responded.  They stepped in and covered 2 blogs for 2 days.  4 Posts for me,  4 Posts for you.   This isn't since the typical "you're at the store would you mind getting me some butter?" type favor people.   This is would you mind sharing a piece of you, your writing, yourself on my spot on the internet for my readers without any warning.

So I put aside my stance of refusing to work on the weekends to because it causes global warming FACT !  (Save the polar bears y'all)

I have to dedicate every internet magic sparkle I have to the people who stepped in, stepped up and covered my ass like granny panties.  ( Holly I think this earns you the right to any organ I have more than 1 of since this is the eleventy kabillinth time.)

I would love to send them all exotic dancers flowers,  chocolates, home made cookies, cheesecake,  and

vodka  fine wine.  But I have none of that.  So I give them my most sincere appreciation and gratitude.  Last time I checked they weren't accepting gratituted as a form of payment at the power company so if you lovely readers would hop over and check them out, you will more than likely fall in love and follow them just like me.

The Infamous #Sybil to my #Eve  Good Golly Miss Holly over at MidWesternMamah


The Mysterious  Miley-  often confused but quite confident and a closet grammar cop.

I  spent hours looking for songs on the internet that said thank you.  You know what I found out?  You get golden girls,  sarcasm or a hidden love song, and although I love them madly it didn't get my point across appropriately of just how much I appreciate what friends will do for each other.
Then  I found this.  And it was perfect.

I also made the ladies this

my friends covered my ass like granny panties
That's some serious coverage y'all !

I hope you all have a splendiferous  weekend !



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Midwestern Mama Holly said...

Thems some big ole bloomers - I hope they fit me :)