Monday, October 25, 2010

An island

I wrote my posts in time for all my deadlines.  I had them all saved for the differant places I write.
I set them up to be auto mailed so I could actually sleep.  I woke up to find out.


A neato side note is that my house phone is through my internet.
Second neato side note- my cell phone doesn't get reception in my house.

So  I woke up an island. 

None of my articles got sent out which means my internet went out prior to 4am.  I couldn't call to apologize because I had no phone.

I walked out about 50 feet from my house in my Pj's and sent a simple text.

"No internet"

I sent it to 50 people and walked inside because honestly who needs to stay out in the yard in their PJ's to get yelled out via text messages.

So around 730pm we got a connection that is slightly less spectacular than dial up. But it allowed me to tweet, update my facebook, put up a post on each of my blogs and send off the other articles even though they are roughly 13 hours past deadline.

Monday,  there is a special part of my fat freckled ass for you to kiss.  

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