Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Facebook Friends- every Thursday and all laughs

Yep it’s that time of the week where I pull a random post straight off my facebook account and share it with you. Remember if your facebook doesn’t look like my facebook you need way cooler friends.

Last week the simple status -" I just took a shower"  had 94 hilarious comments.
    My facebook friends are remarkable, twisted, sly, smart, and I think they all have a zombie apocalypse action plan.   What I really need to stress here people is that

  Last week after a series of horrible comments on other peoples blogs, and jumbled tweets. I did what anyone once would do.  I looked for a patsy  to blame it on.  So I wrote a blog post about how it was my cat's fault.   Next thing you know the heated match debate involving a
 fictional I hope restraining order on me making,
 info session would begin including lawyers.

Here ya go folks.

Funny Facebook threads awesome comments about cat hacker.
I-AM-TYPO-QUEEN !! ( sing to Iron Man tune)

friends on face book make funny comments on a silly thread.
Sometimes even I get lost in my own status message.

I am the queen of typos, and my cat has a lawyer
this got ugly fast, my cat lawyered up.

my friends answer obscure questions on facebook
How do my friends know this info? Never mind.

I have the coolest face book friends ever, they are hilarious
You keep friends like this close. Really close

lawyers, pets, friends, restraining orders, face book, friends
I have never been called Habitual but it sounds kind of hot. updating resume

the lawyer makes a typo woo hooo
last comment, typo from the lawyer, woo hoo. about time

fun with facebook friends, funny stuff, lawyers, and hacking cats
who needs E-Harmony anyway.

movie quotes, song lyrics, and presidential / star slams or obligatory
and BAM it took a hella set up but I met my quote of slams.

baby names on facebook, only minutes after meeting that is super cool
Baby names? Cool to know Rachels read to jump on Brad, I mean board

face book thread over 100 comments,  all over a cat
Shane. much like the statistician at High School basketball. I thank you.

I think we covered all mandatory includes, expect zombies, pirates and ninjas
I like to think my universe is wavy like BonJovi's slipper when wet album cover

and then {crickets} because all my friends are brilliant and Mensa material they  steer clear of any Parallel Universe comment.   It's part of the vow of discloser/ gag order we have. Don't want to scare the little people.
I have to tell you guys, you almost got a shorter post, but not from my wall.  From my local news.  I spend days lamenting that I breath the same air the people who comment on my news stations post.
So that's it's, head out and onward.  Remember if your facebook friends are not this cool then you will probably need to friend some of them.  But block your grandma and creepy Uncles, because I hear that's a real drag.



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