Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I want ...

Dooood  ....

I am 7 ways from Sunday every level of jacked up.

I just got all the damn sticky marks from that hospital tape scraped off me and I look like a bruised up grape still.

Yesterday for no reason other than I fucking BLINKED WRONG.  My damn right eye busted all the blood vessels.

I look like I just stepped into fight scene with Demi Moore in GI Jane ( suck her dick)  finished whipping her ass and then went straight over to Mr and Mrs Smith and beat the shit out of  old Angelina ( which I would do for $1.00) .

So I think I deserve a sparkly eye patch and shit. Like the one Johnny Depp has but with less fish smell and more glitter.  But I am afraid to do anything because even typing this I am probably putting myself in mortal danger of like who the fuck knows.  Clearly I have some type of mad ass voo-doo curse on me..

I blame someone.. I am not sure who yet.

I am getting back in my hamster ball and sitting here waiting for my glittery eye patch and packing peanuts safety chair to arrive.




Krissy said...

Don't be bruising up our peachy one! What the hell? Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

That really stinks. It seems hospitalization is never without its complications. Perhaps this eye patch is still available:

Feel better soon, and don't turn in that wheel too much.

ThePittsofBeingPeachy said...

OMG I want that freaking EYE PATCH that is so hot !
See thank you I already feel shit tons better and junk.

The Empress said...

Sounds like a nightmare but at least you will look stylish with your cool glittery eye patch. Feel better soon!

Venom said...

Maybe you could get the eye patch to co-ordinate with a sparkly, peep style stripper bra, with tassles maybe.
THAT would be cool.