Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All it takes for Evil to prevail is

Please visit these sites today......  - Cartoon explanation with Jesus Oprah a jet ski and Kittens. = Awesome  - Best Animator on the Web supporting us all the way from Canada,  this is indeed a global issue people.    My blog under my domain, the original and light hearted Being Peachy.

If you are blacked out or have a post about the black out PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LINK TO YOUR BLOG OR PAGE OR A POSTER OF YOU OR WHATEVER  IN THE COMMENTS.



Neeroc said...

Another Canadian fighting the bullshit here. Sure, I'm very strongly against piracy, but this isn't the way to fight it. Just think what would happen to my blog if this passes and one person violates copyright. The entire domain could get blocked/yanked.

The Reckmonster said...

Rock on, sister!!! I'm trying to pass the word about this SOPA BS too...