Thursday, April 7, 2011

I got some action yesterday

Yesterday I was sitting there reading this magazine article minding my own business and this hot guy walks in and sits down, we were alone in a tiny room.

He was hot.

I could tell he liked me, he barely made eye contact with me, but he struck up this intimate conversation, he wanted to know everything about me, and had a witty way about him, before you knew it I had put down my magazine. I spilled my guts and the conversation got very personal very quick.

Don't get me wrong I am happily married to the Droid and I don't go running around hap hazzardly flinging myself on men, it's  hard to contain this level of hotness on a daily basis but I do my best.  This guy was just so damn smooth.

Next thing I knew there he was looking me dead in the eyes, holding my hand, inches from my face. Can you say "awkward?"   

It didn't go any further than that.  However I did give him my name and phone number, I also agreed to see him again  in a couple weeks.   

The only thing that pisses me off about the entire thing was the co-pay.  I mean that just cheapens the relationship don't you think?  I couldn't figure out if I should call the girl who took my check his receptionist or a pimp?   I told Droid about it and he said next time I should go ahead and make him strip for me, so I get my money's worth.  

This is totally why our marriage works.




William's Girl said...

Ahhh I love these feel good moments! Don't you feel like a sexy biotch today!! That a girl!

Beth said...

If you do find a way to get him to strip please post it... I want to try it on my kid's pediatrician. (of course I'll be discrete, phisssh)

Oilfield Trash said...

Was it the gyno doctor this time at least? lol

Anonymous said...

Ive always thought random naughtiness is the way to go! It's always good too that you have an understanding SO.

Lin said...

bwahaha...nicely written! Also, I totally agree with your husband :)

Chunky Mama said...

The doctor who delivered my babies is super hot.
Which is awkward.
And creepy if I think too hard about it.

Moooooog35 said...


Al Penwasser said...

Groovy, baby.

Patti D. said...

haha, you got me worried there for a second, lol.