Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let them Eat Shit!

Yes Miss Hopkins please take this article and make several copies send it out to everyone in the United States marked Urgent and then make sure it gets placed in the ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME file.  Right next to the dumb bitch who went on the national news saying she needed to file a law suit against McDonalds for selling a product in the Free Market America. Thank you.  I will be inside a bottle of Vodka rocking back and forth in disbelief this is happening in my country.

Click to See Full Size -  Article from Chicago Tribune

I could write a rant of epic proportions on the level of fucking insanity that this country is turning into.   I could spew from my mouth about the level of utter moron-ism that it takes for a mega twit to stand on the damn news and think it's ok to say shit like " I can't tell my 7 year old she can't eat a happy meal and that's why she is fat and it's because of the toy so you shouldn't sell toys"
Because GOD/Budda/Alla/ Zeus knows  it's that Damn Red headed Clowns fault you're a shit for brains no spine sorry excuse for a parent to a spoiled little fucking brat and so we need to shut down free commerce so your little princess of pork doesn't want a happy meal.  It's not enough they offer apple slices, milk and salads,  NO.  It's not enough you could just drive a route that doesn't send her into a freaking ravenous rage for a fucking $1.00 toy in exchange for a greasy bag by seeing those golden arches.  NO.   But most definitely we could never expect you to actually parent YOUR own damn child.  That would clearly be asking too much, so lets have the fucking Government waste some more money tying up our courts with your stupid case,  then do some testing, research, write up some legislature and spend about 5 billion bucks because you have the FUCKING AUDACITY TO GO ON THE NEWS AND SAY YOU ARE A SHIT FOR FUCKING BRAINS HORRIBLE FUCKING PARENT WHO CAN NOT PARENT.   The best part, the news pampered your baby ass like you were such a victim.  I wanted to vomit and then mail it to you.  I can't wait until she's 12 and wants to have sex in her bedroom.  Hope you learn to say no in the next 5 years or are you thinking the Government is going to handle that one too?  OH wait let me guess planned parenthood? Welfare?  OH yeah guess I will pick up that tab too you lovely piece of work.  Hold up. Drugs are running rampit what if she wants to try booze and crack around 14? I mean seriously, that's way more freaking addictive than a little mermaid doll.  Shit. I certainly hope they come up with a solution for that soon.  You are seriously screwed.  Oh no your not. I am, because that's right, YOU REFUSE TO PARENT AND ADMIT IT.  Thanks, and a Big Thanks to the news, which is no longer the news, it's actually just a twisted version of whatever cause needs to be pushed by whoever owns whatever they want pushed.

Now on to the wonderful article above in the Chicago Times-
YOU MUST EAT THE SCHOOL LUNCH.  Unless you have a medical issue with a Doctors note you may not bring a lunch from home.   This means  that the shit slop overpriced alpo that all the kids in America get mere seconds to chug down their digestive systems is now the ONLY option. Remember the Soup Natzi?  Yeah this Principal is the freaking lunch Natzi?  Holy Shit, that boat will not float. That's right folks !  Sexy huh? If you ever dared to say hospital food is bad, I beg you to sit through a weeks worth of school food, and do it on the students schedule.  It's awesome.  Watch the Chow Hall scene from GI Jane.  It sums it up pretty good.   First in many areas a large portion of the children are on free or reduced lunches.  The remainder of the kids are being overcharged for what is the nutritional equivalent to dog shit  with a crushed prenatal vitamin on top.  It has all the flavor of  Kim Chi that has been left in the trunk of a car in the deep south with melted ice cream for a week.  Simply put. I wouldn't eat that shit if you paid MY ASS in Pirate Gold.   So I pack my kids lunch.  He gets fruit, a sandwich, milk, cheese, pudding, whatever.  Also they get 30 minutes.  Wow. Lucky kids huh?  No not really. That's 30 minutes from the time they leave their class and have to get back, in that time they cross campus, wait in line,  have shit slopped on a ( often dirty) tray,  get over charged,   find a seat where they wont get the crap beat out of them by a bully,  sit down, by now 17-20 minutes have passed.  They have less than 6 minutes to actually eat and drink their " food like substance"  because they need to cross campus and get back to class.  Don't forget if you intend on washing your hands or using the restroom you better be damn sure you are at the front of the line.   Oh and if you think I am talking 9th grade and up. NEGATIVE.  It's been this way since 1st grade.  Not just my school system.  Today I heard 10 callers on the radio from 4 states all with the same sceneries.   Shocking !   So here a principal has no decided that CHILDREN CAN ONLY PURCHASE FOOD FROM HER SCHOOL.   The CAN NOT BRING HOME MADE LUNCHES.  This means if you don't qualify for free or reduced lunches but you don't have the funds you can't pack your kid a lunch.  It also means if your kid doesn't like sloppy joes and meat loaf, and hamburgers, TOUGH SHIT.  That's right, my kid who doesn't eat hamburger, or as in the case of school lunches, ground up cock roaches, at least 3 days a week he would go without eating from  610am until 325pm  to me I find that completely UNHEALTHY and a FORM OF CHILD ABUSE.   If my child lived in that district, or if they were to dare and enact that law here. You could bet your sweet ass I would end up on the news and chances are they would not be speaking favorably of me like the did the dumb bitch suing McDonalds.

Just saying.  If we don't collectively as a country say enough of this bullshit we wont be taking anymore, then we will indeed wake up one day with no more rights, how much will we hand over before it is all gone.  We were once the land of the free and the home of the brave. Now we are the land of the
_______________________ and the home of the ______________________________

You fill in the blanks.




squatlo said...

Peachy, you need to just say what's on your mind and stop beating around the fucking bush all the time! Jesus, woman, just spit it out!

Laughing so hard my wife is coming back here to see what I'm reading!

Okay, first of all, Petunia Porky's daughter has every right to be addicted to Happy Meals sold by a deranged clown, and Madison Avenue should pay her a tidy sum for her lack of parental abilities... when every commercial on Saturday morning is for (to quote Calvin and Hobbes) Chocolate Covered Sugar Bombs and action figures from the cartoon show they sponsor, what do we expect?

And the Soup Nazi is getting a bad rap, here! He merely refused to sell a great product to ungrateful customers! These pricks are insisting that you buy from the school district and selling a product that would disgust a wharf rat. Big difference.
I'd show up at the school with a certification letter from Guru Swami-Hopper telling them that my child and I belong to the Sect of the Cosmic Karmas and our diet is strictly controlled by our Holy Leader's edicts... I'd list all of the peanut butter and jelly/chips/cheetos/doritos/M&Ms in my pantry and dare the cocksuckers to try to tell me I can't follow my own religion here in the US of fucking A~!
I'd own their goddam lunchroom and serve french fried principal five days a week if they so much as furrowed a brow my direction.

Christ... we've become drones, cogs in the machine, field hands to the man.

Hope you can find a way to express yourself without stifling your emotions... :-)

Love the hell out of your blog!!!!!

Oilfield Trash said...

I agree with you on this one.

A bunch of fucktards they are.

I also have a post about this coming next week.

BacardE said...

That pretty much sums up how I feel about the Nanny's. I don't want or need their help in child guidance. Glad to see you aren't holding back on this one...

Vinny C said...

When I read this, I said, "What the f*ck?!" Then I told my wife & she said, "What the f*ck?!"

I believe we're all in complete agreement here.

Miss Rosie said...

I worked in the public school system for a few years,... they said that the food was healthy but I didn't see it. I feel for those poor kids and parents. Do the faculty and staff eat that crap?

Chunky Mama said...

And THAT right THERE is why I love you.
I will be sharing this on my personal FB page because you said it a million times better than I could.

The Empress said...

What a great rant. Jamie Oliver has his show back on the air now. In Los Angeles the local school district will NOT allow Jamie in the schools to help improve the poor quality of food being served to kids. There are even seminars (for people in charge of serving school lunches) that have atrocious topics like 'why it is important to make sure school children continue to receive flavored milk'. The whole thing is beyond effed up!

The Absence of Alternatives said...

I am with Squatlo: you should just come right out, you are amongst friends and even if we disagree we'd appreciate your being all indignant and shit 'cause you are so sexy when you are hopping mad. And swearing. ;-)

If I could not have packed lunch for my youngest, he would have starved. His food could not touch each other when he was little. School lunch? The horror.

And yes, you know where I stand: want to have children? Then PARENT. It's a fucking VERB.

roughneckturtle/Jeff C. said...

Very much agreed. Tis mounds of bullshit. We're letting a few make rules and govern the many. And, by letting a few people bring about legislation, then we truly are giving up our freedoms for the feeling of fake security.

leslie (crookedstamper) said...

Tell us what you REALLY think. :)

I am so glad my kids are grown and don't have to deal with this shit. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?!?!