Friday, August 12, 2011

Pay your light bill MF- NSFW

****WARNING ***  
( because we all know kids don't know cuss words, whatever)

A reader sent me this video on Youtube,  after seeing me write about the fact that the IRS is trying to jank on me for 2003 ( yeah 7 years ago)  when not even my accountant or bank have records prior to 2005 thanks to a little storm called Katrina.  So I said  can I just be like the GVT and print my own money, or get my debt ceiling lifted?  If the GVT can't balance their budget why do they treat me like I am a horrible person and threaten to take my house because I can't find gas receipts from 2003.  Of course I was slightly joking,  a little, maybe, but I can tell you it does chap my ass somewhat to know the people taking my freaking money and punishing me can't handle their money. ( which is really our freaking money).    So a reader sent me this and I fell out laughing for several reasons-  1) he's hilarious,  2) I had never heard of him so it was unexpected, and 3) he's freaking hilarious.   

I realize somebody out there is going to explain to me how wrong he is, how offensive he is, how he kills baby mice and caused the extinction of the 3 horned albino water buffalo.  I don't give a shit.  Really.  I don't care to argue political views with people because frankly it makes me think a hell of a lot less of people when they prove they are the most educated idiots on the planet.   You don't learn common sense in school.
So take it for what it is,  just flat out funny.   

ok  feel free to commence with the stereo typing and spewing of anger at me for posting this.   Or quietly giggle and nod and then move along. no one will ever even know you laughed.


squatlo said...

That's the funniest shit I've seen in a month! I am ripping this off, shamelessly putting it on my own blog, and will offer you a tip of the hat for finding it for me. Not much of a finder's fee, granted, but Hey, if the gubmint don't pay THEIR bills, I ain't payin' mine!


Dazee Dreamer said...

I shamelessly freaking enjoyed that video. OMG, Thanks.

jadedj said...

One other besides squatlo ripped this off from you, as well. Damned good find. The dude's blood pressure must be in approximately the same range as mine these days.

The Reckmonster said...

Dammit, Peachy! You know what happens to me when I laugh like there's no tomorrow because of you! Yes, I tooted AGAIN while I laughed so hard I thought I was going to choke!!! This is seriously friggin' hilarious shit! You are the schiz-nit, my Boomslang Sister for finding this and being the only person alive who can make me fart when I laugh.

Michele O said...

LMFAO!!!! I loved it!

Liza Day said...

From one who despises the "F" word, this guy made me laugh my ass off! I guess sometimes it really does help get the point across.