Wednesday, November 2, 2011

lick lick pant pant, adoring eyes

As usual I am forever in awe of you flipping amazing people.  I bow to the power of social media and my rocking friends.

Last week I sent out a request that you guys, near and far, help me, help my little itty bitty local gulf coast animal shelter. My itty bitty teeny weenie local shelter that has helped so many and went above and beyond for not only our local community but the entire state and accompanying states time and time again after repeated disasters was in a contest.

They of course were the "underdog"  ( ha get the pun, animal shelter - under dog?)  because they were going against the entire world in a grant contest hosted by the ASPCA.  To say my area is a tad behind on the technology curve would be like saying, " I may be a tad wordy".  

We were up against huge metropolitan areas, with huge populations that possessed crazy things like ipads and smart phones and lap tops and more than 1 email address and something faster than dial up. So I turned to you guys for a little push.

Guess what..


We came in 3rd place and my little shelter won a 25k grant from the ASPCA, now normally I am a first place or nothing kind of girl, but honestly I could not be more proud of you guys or more happy for my shelter. They do so much with so little for so many.

So many paws and meows will have better lives thanks to you guys.