Monday, September 13, 2010

OH yeah that's totally sexy..

Once upon a time women were women. They looked like women.
An old glass coke bottle comes to mind.
The Commodores even said 36-24-36 made a brick house.
Sir Mix-a-lot  wrote and entire song about the glorious joy of a nice plump hind end on a female.

I understand being healthy and athletic. It's good for you, you live a longer fuller more active life.  But this?

this is from MSN Lifestyle

4 Outfits That Make Your Thighs Thinner

The right outfit can make upper-leg weight disappear into thin air.

Is it me or does this bitch look like a freaking bobble head? 

At any minute her head can just flop off  how is that possibly healthy.

I just want to plant her on my dash board in a hula skirt and laugh at how her head bounces around like a pumpkin being held up with a toothpick.  

Shit y'all.  If you are already a bobble head, do you need to worry about what clothes make you look fat?  

The only fat looking thing in the picture is HER HEAD !  Put a damn hat on that melon and move on.  

Move on to a Crackle Barrel, Denny's or IHOP  and EAT !

for crying out loud.
*PS* - no bobbleheads were harmed during the making of this post but I can't verify if those bobble head girls in the picture above have not had bobble head ordeals.

PPS-  Don't forget you guys I'm in a contest over at  my votes ( or lack there of) are make my ranking sink fast the Titanic. Or my boobs, same thing.  so if you don't mind and have  minute  Why don't just head on over there by simply clicking here.


Lin said...

She totally looks like a bobble head lol.

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

All the girls/women of today look like freakish bobble heads. It is scary, and if we're being looks unhealthy! By the standards of today Marilyn Monroe would be fat. Marilyn freakin Monroe??!! Something just not right about that.

ThePeachy1 said...

I can't watch Regis, because even though I kind of like the snarky Kelly she looks like a bobble head and I am constantly in fear her giant head will fall off her little frail body. When in fact her head is actually normal sized but to keep up with the freakish standards in the industry she must look like a freaking shapeless bobbleheaded toothpick.

Rachel said...

I was just talking about this the other day. I mean no one thinks that super skinny look is attractive! Look how gaga people get over Christina Hendricks for heaven's sake. Now that is a woman! And that should show Hollywood that people (men & women alike) want to see real women! Not stick figures.

And it always PISSES ME THE EFF OFF when these actresses respond to weight loos questions with "Oh, I'm just naturally skinny." Okay, that may be true. You may "naturally" be a size 6, which you're right, is skinny. However, you are not naturally a size zero! We've all SEEN the video footage of you ten years ago! We all KNOW you're not naturally that skinny! Stop trying to pretend like you are!

thepeachy1 said...

Yep I think we should all stand behind the actresses and models who chose not be normal not unhealthy toothpicky bobble heads.

WeaselMomma said...

Talk about photo editing gone wrong! I'll eat there cheesecake if they don't want it.