Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Please tell me it aint so...

In case you haven't heard,  the absolutely unbelievable has happened.

Poor Octomom ( Nadya whatsherfuckingface)   has fallen on hard financial times.    I would have never imagined this could happen to her because she is a  freaking nutbag sweet caring victim.

First off  I knew thing's were going to be bad because people call her Octomom,  when in fact I think they should have went with   "SeptomomSqaured"   because she doesn't have 8 kids as the Octo would imply, the whacked out nut job  poor loving victim has 14.   Maybe you didn't hear me,  14 FREAKING KIDS !!

Even Michelle "clowncar vagina" Duggar has help. With Jimmy Joe, and Jacky Bob and James Dean  Jesibahigherflynt  Tom or whatever the hell "J" themed names they use they give an older child the newest offspring and they "team parent/sibbling" or whatever the hell they want to call it  when you have so many kids the old lady in the shoe thinks your freaking WHACKED !

I am so excited to hear that OctoTurd is going on welfare.  I mean I was really hoping to be cool like Brangalina and adopt some kids and now I can claim all 14 of these little fruits of the turkey baster.  ( I wont bring up the entire Octoturds plastic surgery to look like 1/2 of Brangelina issue )

But writing this post I realized something. OMG y'all I have the solution !

The Duggars  have got to have another boy that's near marrying age,  it's like  11 or 12 for their religion right?  Anyway if they hook him up with OctoTurd  then he would totally have  a head start with  an instant 14 kids, so he would only have to sleep with her like 5 more times to equal his parents fertility bar.

Also super tax payer bonus.  The Duggars to my knowledge don't do welfare.  In fact they only buy things when they can pay for it in cash.  ( that freaking amazes me)  But I am afraid OctoTurd would have to lose that creepy, " I will be making a lamp shade out of you later" laugh and learn to be humble and wear long dresses.  Plus she would get to be in a reality show.  Oh yeah she probably would also have to have sex with a man to produce more children which I'm not sure she is aware can happen.

Vote Team OctoTurd Duggar !!!

BOOM  BAM KAPOW ! There ya go, issue solved. Damn y'all I am brilliant.



Midwestern Mama Holly said...

That is freaking brilliant!! Next you really need to work on that whole world peace thing. If ANYONE can solve it.... you can.

WeaselMomma said...

She's only going on welfare now? I thought she had been on it before the 8 even came along.

ThePeachy1 said...

Yeah but then the 8 were to make her famous and she would have sponsors and nannies and a house and stuff, but it fell through since she's a NUT BAG GRANDE'. so now instead of 6 kids on welfare she has 14, woot woot, shout out for plan b!

Miley (woman:confused) said...

I know some people who used to belong to the same cult as the Duggars. I'm pretty sure they see octomom as a lost cause and going to hell.
They are all about "if god wants me to have a baby" not "if I want to pay out the ass to be irresponsible"...
REALLY nice thought but I'm thinking the octobabies may just have to find some losers to hook up with so they can remain on welfare forever.

ThePeachy1 said...

your probably right, but shouldn't they not condemn the poor octospawn for the actions of the octoturd? if nothing else maybe the octospawns can hook up withe duggarifics and then I think everyone will be ok. Except octoturd, I am pretty sure she makes human lamp shades somewhere.

Venom said...

I loathe what this woman did, and her motivation for doing it. All I can say for that family is, those POOR children!

While I think the Duggars are nuts for attempting a world take-over with Michelle's baby-factory, they don't deserve to end up hitched to the Octomom's crazy train.

And that's all I have to say about that.