Monday, December 6, 2010

A year in the shitter !

July 2009 my husband bought me a new phone. I was excited, even though it wasn't the coolest, smartest, easiest every to use phone it was new to me and he had researched the best signal receiving cell phone for our hell pit house which is infamous for the ability to block any signal as if were a nun at co ed dance night.

Anyway in December of last year my lap top was inadvertent broken by a friend going through an immense tragedy.  So my laptop isn't a laptop anymore and I have a monitor on my end table hooked too it, since compaq  wont replace a broken screen.  Same trip,  a heinous non human waste of flesh hag medical professional  managed to step on my phone and break it.  So for a year I have had my laptop hooked to a monitor and my cell phone held together by scotch tape.  Yeah I know I am so classy you wish you were me.

However with money as it is and priorities as they are, I have hobbled along in broken technology land doing the best I can with what I have.

Then Thursday night the Droid takes me to radio shack and forks out the dough ray  me to purchase me a new phone for Christmas.   It's an AT&T LG that's all I know.  It' also my very first qwerty keyboard having cell phone, it's also my first tough screen.

It is FREAKING AWESOME.  if you are within tongue licking distance to a cell tower.  IN addition I just had to move my sim card over to supposedly transfer the address book that for 18 months I have been saving to the sim card.

Not so much, in fact not at all.  So I have to try to add each of you as you send in your info.
This means when you TXT me saying OMG, what is up with so and so did you see their wall. I will write back, wtf is this and what are you talking about.  I will continue to embrace my delusion that every one who calls or texts and isn't in my book is Brendan Frasier.   You can be like rehab and send the right info. I know not everyone will, like my sweetheart Brendon,  but that's very sexy  top secret relationship and we are tying to keep it on the down low.

Ok people that's all for today I have to go because I think if I stand on my roof on a metal folding lawn chair  while wearing an aluminum hat and  stainless steal panties I may get lucky and catch a random signal.



Unknown said...

Unless of course you're on a mountain top in hilljack county Ohio standing right beside a freaking cell tower.. trust me you will not get a signal there!!

Oilfield Trash said...

I guess congrats on the new phone.

ThePeachy1 said...

@Holly- you know I got our/your number...
@ OFT- thanks I would call you if I could get a signal.

ThePeachy1 said...

My husband is under the delusion that
we still live in Tampa or near an type of civilization. It's very hard since he is an ubber techno geek to realize the ONLY technology that would be of use out here is a telescope.

vickilikesfrogs said...

Is it a Neon? Cuz I have a Neon, and I have 2 friends who HAD Neons, but their Neons BROKE! So, now I want a new phone. Y'know...just in case!

ThePeachy1 said...

OK you freaked me out, no worries on me owning the latest technology by the time it gets down here it's old news in a new package. I had to go and dig out the book, it's a LG Prime. which is an upgrade from the razor flip I had LOL. that was new here last year when I got it. Welcome to the journey to the bottom of the earth...