Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm AWOL thought you should know..

As most of your know I have had 4 of the most awesomest ever guest posters who filled in for me at a moments notice on Thursday night  I can  NOT thank them enough.  They all got a special bagdge and personal song.

I covered the Peachy1's ass like granny panties.

FlyDDW- who does not have a blog and it was his first go around on BeingPeachy on Friday.

Here at the Pits Michelle the RECK MONSTER) my Cobrs Sister announced my new super hero name "Boom Slang"  if you missed her post then you aren't going to get the joke.

ON Monday  Oil Field Trash  from Make Daddy a sammich was here and he  talked about how freaking edibale all peaches but me are.

Then here on Monday, over on BeingPeachy, the one, the only, the bitch I 
would enjoy getting arrested with 

But alas I had no clue that Surgery on Friday would bring me back on Tuesday,  you know yesterday as in the day before the  GIANORMOUS science fair for the Prince is due? Which would be TODAY!   For those of you keeping score.  2 oral surgeries and a science far project.

Happy?  why yes, because it's over.  the Prince put in a lot of work so check him out y'all.

Just youtube search   the Alex Eperiments and you will get his chanel.   Or you can simply watch his science fair dvd here.  The kid really loves to see his numbers go up.  If you comment or like the video chances are he will chest bump hard enough to knock me down.

Here's a picture of him taking it to school this morning.

Here's alex's science fair project turned nin toay
( apparently I am incapable of taking a non blurry pictures when I am shaking in pain)

You can do his anonymous survey here

or see his obvious need for a teleprompter here,  where separate from the project he issues a CLICK IT CHALLENGE to the world because his findings during the project made him sad.

either way the kids love views, likes and comments.  So do my little princely homepickle a solid and give him some love, like, views, or comments on youtube.

In the mean time  I will try to continue with the healing and hope you stick around and keep my out of the hospital.

Also not one person has offered to take or pick up my kid from school, make my husband and kid dinner or drive me to my surgeries.  I hate that society as a hole has changed so much. Because I remember welcoming new people into the neighborhood with baked goodies,   making surplus meals when the head female in charge was sick, or taking care of the kids for a sick friend.  I am all kind of sad trombone that my rotting corpse would only be located when people noticed that my husband and kid were wearing dirt loin cloths.




Oilfield Trash said...

I will do another guest post for you on Friday.

And I will check out the videos when I get a chance.

squatlo said...

Happy to see you back, Ms. Peach!

The Reckmonster said...

My Cobra Sister, if I were close by, I would totally offer to bring your family take out (I am a little lazy about cooking!) and I would take your little prince wherever he needed to go - and I would totally take your ass to and fro those friggin' doctor's appts! But then again, I think military families are weird like that close knit shit kinda weird. If you need anything like another posting...I got yo back, Boomslang Sister!! Or anything else I am "able" to physically do for you! MUAH!!! XO