Wednesday, February 16, 2011

an Ode To Wednesdays and all it's labels

It's Wednesday.  I will honor all the labels we have for today.

WTG Wednesday-

Thank you for beating Justin Bieber, you are like David, or you give one hella blow job! Either way WTG !

 WTF Wednesday-


Hump Day
You go Big guy we are all pulling for you!

Dry Hump Day

so many dry hump scenes in this  movie - Couples Retreat. 

  Wordless Wednesday 




Moooooog35 said...

Justin Guarini beat Justin Bieber?

I had no idea the guy was still singing.

Anonymous said...

Esperanza Spalding's win was epic! Never heard of her music, but glad she won...haha

Mosabi said...

Billy Ray! Seriously?! He didn't mind the publicity when he was posing with his daughter in that magazine to send her down the deep end.

Oilfield Trash said...

Billy Ray is a serious douche bag.

Marie Nicole said...

A father poses almost nude with his daughter in a national magazine and years later cries because he's worried about HER fuckin future?

What the fuck! And he thinks HE could have saved Anna, Kurt and Michael? How, by posing nude with them too?

ツ my cyber house rules


OLD man Cyrus is acting like he had no control over his kid. I don't care how famous she is, he can still whip her little ass. He just got caught up in the "perks" of the lifestyle.

The Empress said...

It was worth watching the Grammy's just to see that twat head Beiber go down in flames after being beaten by someone that most of the world had never even heard of!

Great photo of the little dog trying to hump the big dog!!

Chunky Mama said...

Personally, I liked the last pic. Way to make 'em sweat, Prince! :)

squatlo said...

I had an eye-rolling moment when I saw the story about Cyrus worried about his little princess. Puh-Leese! You spend the past three years getting her face on every mag cover, getting her records recorded, getting her TV show produced, getting her the pub most folks work a lifetime in show biz to procure, and you're worried about her fame and fortune?
What a sack of dusty shit...

The Reckmonster said...

Wait. Did I miss something? Is Billy Ray NOT going to win the Nobel Parenting Peace Prize this year?! Tha fuck??? He's a GOOD dad. Some dads go bra shopping for their little girls, SOME dads go daizzy-duke shopping with theirs. That's sweet, don't you think?