Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another Brick on the Wall

Hey guess what my kid just got a 4 year full ride sport scholarship to a major U.

Guess what everyone of you were silently either high fiving me or you virtual hate meter was on the rise.  Why?

Hey guess what my daughter is graduating in May with her second college degree, is on the Deans list a class load so heavy she has to get department approval and works 40 hours a week on top of it to put herself through school while paying her college to minimize the life time she will be forever in debt with what is known as student loan hell.

Which do I get know the five or the finger?  Ok

Hey guess what, my 9 year old d4th grader just "voluntarily" participated in a Science fair for his school since it's not required here until " higher grades"  He walked away with more ribbons than a prize heifer at the state fair.  He goes as the overall winner to Regionals.  We have  to pay registration, travel, provide our own table, and he will set 9 hours on the floor next to his project.  Oh wait did I mention we have already been told he can't go any further than Regionals because he's too young?

Five or finger? Almost there?

Today is 4th grade state exams, you know the ones required by the laws that govern our education.  It is so important that an automated phone message went out to all parents.  It said something like: make sure your child goes to bed early, gets good sleep,  eats breakfast at home.  All children will need to be to school early, and all children will be taken to the cafeteria for breakfast before class.  So even if your child eats at home you may want to send "extra" money for them to eat.  "Unless they already receive free or reduced meals"

where we at here?  1 more?

Last night my 9 year old fourth grade had his 3rd baseball practice, which is kid pitch minor leagues here.  His first practice was 1 hour, his second practice was at nearly 3,  and tonight for his third practice we skirmished a neighboring rival town but did not keep score,  we got there at 5pm, the game started at 630pm. By the time we got home crammed what would be considered a dinner in some 3rd world countries hosed him off and got uniforms and lunches packed made him cool down and rubbed his legs and arms with icy hot,  it is considerably later than his usual bedtime.  95% of both teams have these tests tomorrow and both coaches have kids on the teams and knew about the tests.

Ok so where am I sitting on your finger scale? am I getting 5 up high or a single soldier telling me to shut up.

Here's the deal folks 1 of those scenarios was complete and utter bullshit.

Since I live in the United States, and then deep south I will totally let you guess which ones are the sad educational truth here.

We don't raise rocket scientist here people, we raise HERO's.  You know like Brett "ThePhone" Farve?  Yeah we get to claim him.  Shut up I know we are lucky right?   Lucky like a $5.00 hooker on penny night at the local dive.


Ask Floyd baby,  " we don't need no education"  ( as long as you can play sports)



Now in return for your reading the post from a competitive softball player and cheerleader turned coach, who drank her way through college and married a guy with the athletic DNA of Steve Urkle I give you a little pleasure.


The Reckmonster said...

I tell you what - when The Prince gets his 4-year ride to M.I.T. and Stanford and Berkeley and all of the Ivy league schools...we will all sit with you and The Prince in a picture, as he convenes his press conference to say where he will "commit" to (for his academics!) - and we will all give the one fingered salute and send the picture "To Mississippi...with love!"

Your Prince is dynamite...he's lucky that he has you and the Droid for parents in the deep least y'all can learn him sum real gud stuffs!

Venom said...

Okay Peachy, call ME stoopid, but I was reading all these things and thinking "That is SO awesome!", and "They must be so proud!", and "Those kids worked so hard, they EARNED it!"...

What I truly didn't 'get' was why you keep thinking people are going to throw you a Trudeau salute for these kinds of valid, braggable, fantastic accomplishments of your children?

Then I see the end and understand you were being a little sarcastic, which you're perfectly entitled to -- but let me just say, for the record, that I think a parent taking pride in their kids is a good thing. Yeah, it's easy to be envious, but it's not fair to be a jerk about it because any parent knows how hard it is to raise good, decent kids who turn out right, let alone who are among the highest achievers.

I don't thing anywhere in north America does quite enough for our kids; I personally think that higher education should be FREE for any kid with the work ethic to go... but that'd probably suck too much $$ from political pensions.

*Word capture=suckage. That's where the salute might come in...*

Velva said...

I smiled all he way through this post. Thanks for sharing.

ThePittsofBeingPeachy said...

Hey there, Peachy here. I got your comment emailed to me, I am still recovery from surgery I had on Thursday and was shocked to be getting comments on the pits since I haven't blogged on either blog for like a month. I had no clue what the post was because I only see the comments. So after seeing your comment I had to investigate, there seems to be some lack of communication.

a) that wasn't a post, it was a draft I was working on last year and for some damn reason blogger decided to go ahead and post it.
b) the entire point of that draft was- THE VERY SOUTHERN AREA WHERE I LIVE DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ACADEMICS. Literally a kid could build his own space shuttle fly it to mars, land and find the cure for cancer, but it wouldn't make the school paper. Because ONLY athletics count here. For example a 15 year old went to congress by invitation while in 10th grade, helped pass a bill and got 2 college credits. It was not in the school newspaper nor announced or acknowledge BUT a 9th grade baseball player slid into second base that week positioning the school for nearly a win.
c) the guidance councilor here has actually told young ladies to cut their class loads by going to vo tech to learn to weld that way they HAVE to be hired at a shipyard because they are girls.
d) I was going to delete this accidental computer driven unfinished unedited draft until I realized that you must have completely misunderstood the damn thing ( possibly because it was done being written and was simply a string of thought in my brain at the time)
e) I am going to assume your venom is due to the draft being posted and it was misunderstood.
f) I really don't care because my kids do rock, academically and athletically but we don't see many academic scholarships in these parts so they can earn them however they can and if they don't they can pay their own way.

squatlo said...

I thought this was a great post, whether you meant to post it or not. And getting the little leaguer home just in time to crash and burn out on his Pigeonhole Tests is typical... how 'bout this one? They tell you for two weeks to have your kids dressed and ready for school pictures, then send them out for recess BEFORE taking the portraits. What could possible go worng?