Monday, January 17, 2011

Totally not my real post

Obviously not this is not my  "real" Monday post but in my state of sleep deprivation (as it's 520am ) and I am screwing with deigns, gadgets, widgets, pipe cleaners and bedazzeling jimmy choo  shoes.  I can't put up my real post for today until I finish my macaroni art ( so sayeth the shrink)

so you instead get this as a filler ( if anyone is awake or bored), while I go about breaking things with reckless abandon. ( which makes me ask- is there a careful abandon or moderately attentive abandon?  )

Captains Log- stardate 17012010-0450hrs - Captains Log. Still awake. Day 799.3 of not sleeping. Have discovered not to engage new widgets, plug ins, design features or upgrades in an odd sleep deprived psychosis galaxy that we are stuck in. Phaser set to blog however they are hindered by a total lack of concentration. I have ordered all starfleet personal I know to not where red shirts. you know just in case.

Captains log- update. I am smoking like five thousand packs of ciggs a day while not sleeping. Data, or as we know him DROID, can not compute the reasoning behind this while sleeping from midnight until 11am can not compute this factor and I am making them wear a red shit and be on the next away team

Have you heard this kick ass song?   
( bonus points, and a follow if you've heard of it or them).
Also does it make you want to have angry /  make up sex? 

remember when this made you want to go get some sexy time?

remember when this made you want sexy time  IMMEDIATELY even if it meant attempting to crawl in a sexy manner on all fours towards a hottie while licking your lips, which in retrospect probably was not one of you more brilliant plans.

also I am in this video, and the signs say- "we love ratt,  eat me I'm cheese"

yeah I know I posted videos and stuff. I said it was just until I got done breaking single feature on this blog and my other one,  so give me a moment folks,  while my dalmatian  staff assists  me

*PS- this last week I invented the word JizzGurgeler.  Sadly I haven't found the appropriate place/time to use it even though I promised I would.  Sorry, but don't be a jizgurgler about it.


WeaselMomma said...

Nope, I've never heard of Within Temptation.

I never knew that you were in a video.

Cheap Trick still does that to me.

I'm sure that you can manage to call someone a JizGuzzler soon.

The Reckmonster said...

Peachy, I hate to be THAT jizzgurgling bitch that points out that on the captain's stardate - you wrote 2010 - and it is in fact, 2011. I realize you're sleep deprived and all, so I'm gonna pretend like I never even saw it.

And just so that you can add "retarded" to the jizzgurgling bitch description of me - I will share one of "not so fine" DUH moments. I actually heard the Billy Squier song Stroke on the radio today - and my friend was with me in the car. I had to share that for THE LONGEST time I totally thought that song was about Billy partying too hard that he was actually going to have a stroke. Yes. A literal stroke. Not the hanky wanky kind of stroke...the dain bramaging kind of stroke. And YES, I continued to think that for many years into established (pretend) adulthood.

So there, I'm a retarded jizzgurgling bitch.
P.S. I had a big crush on Robin Zander from Cheap Trick for a long time. I wanted him to want ME.

The Reckmonster said...

I totally meant to say that I heard the song in the car the other day - not today. Because I haven't even been in my car today. I'm still in my pajamas.

Oilfield Trash said...

Wow you got up and went all 80's hair band rock.

ThePittsofBeingPeachy said...


@WEasle Momma- isn't that new song ( the one without the video. HOT? Like Angry SEx HoT? Please do use JizzGurgler and then let me know how it went down and the context.

@Reckmonster- dude I still haven't slept, and technically in my head it's still 2010, I haven't worn anything but pj's since Christmas eve and am attempting to stay true to this endevore through the entire year of 2011 ( with exceptions only for Dr's appointments cause I don't need any "lock up" time) but being in the deep south it takes a hella long time for stuff to get to the deep south, even a new year. We will be getting beepers here soon and I hope to find one that matches my members only jacket. However I lived in Florida in the 80's so I totally understood even through my "contact high" riddled life that Billy Squire wanted you to wrap your junk around his junk and whip your hair back and forth. You should take my class. "80's music for jizzgurglers ."

@Oil Field, LISTEN TO THE VERY FIRST LINK, ( their embedding is disabled but DUDE. song is HOT and not 80's big hair).

Chunky Mama said...

Would love to try out the word "jizzgurgler" but the only people I ever see are Hubby and the kids. Am worried Hubby would be extremely offended and 3yr old would add it to his list of new things to say at Grandma's house.

leslie (crookedstamper) said...

I am SO glad I missed all the 80s music. And hair. And weird clothes. Just sayin'.