Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Perspective- on ThePits

My kung foo is weak today.  I think I need more
 hot pockets and Xena tapes.
( bonus points to the geek who knows what that's from without google)
So forgive my half ass non funny post, 
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The other day I had to leave my house.

I wasn't happy about it

Until I saw this on the corner.

and it made me smile. Because even though you can't tell she was dancing and singing loudly and smiling.  

Then I had to get gas of course and the dumb pay at the pump didn't work so I had to go in and I was pissy until I saw this.

and that made me smile because in case you didn't notice that's a Bacardi beach umbrella, with flip flops and a cooler and other beach like niceties.

I finished what I had to do with a smile even though it wasn't a fun task.

Then realizing the rest of the nation was buried under this absolutely foreign thing called "white stuff" I went 3 minutes out of my way and stopped and made one of these.

This isn't actually mine because I obviously forgot how to successfully make a snow angel from the time I was a kid and knew what snow felt like, also snow and sand have different textures.

In the end, yes I live in the south. I live on the Gulf  of Mexico.  We get stereo typed, slammed, insulted, and picked on.  I am not from here, I chose to live here, to raise my children here, and guess what.  I am sending you some pretty warm wishes and an open invite to come make your own sand angel.  Because that's how we roll down here.



Oilfield Trash said...

If only we could buy booze at the gas stations here there would be less violence.

Ella said...

What I wouldn't give for a little sand, sunshine and booze right now.

ThePeachy1 said...

@OFT- in fairness it was the class 6 gas station / liquor store on the military base, you can't buy anything but beer in our regular gas stations.
@Ella- you are welcome to the coast anytime, make sure you see my friendship disclaimer first

squatlo said...

Peachy1, we have to make separate stops for beer and liquor. They don't even sell wine at our grocery stores. You can pay for your gas AND get a bottle of Bicardi? I MUST MOVE...

The Empress said...

As long as they were passing out complimentary shots I suppose that makes up for the hassle of having to go inside to pay!

The Reckmonster said...

Peachy, get my "cushy spot to crash" ready. I'm ready to meet my long lost Thai sister!! Okay, it was actually the sand and sunshine that hooked me, but I'm thinking it'd be a BLAST! In addition to the sun, sand, and booze, I have one special "southern" request: I must have collard greens cooked with ham hocks (and hot sauce, too, please). Can you hook a cobra sistah up? =)