Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm Blue and you should be too !

Here is why.  Trevor is 13.  Trevor is in UAB hospital. Tomorrow, Tuesday 11/30/2010,  Trevor will be having a serious open heart surgery.  I found out via his cousin Heather who simply emailed asking for people to pray for him.  So I thought for a second and began wondering if the blogosphere or social media in general could do anything to help.

It did here's just a couple examples

which lead to this
I started seeing blue everywhere on Facebook !

I mean my entire wall

I didn't alter this, it's an actual screen shot of my facebook wall, all blue.

and the bloggers,  wow.   I don't even know where to start or how to thank them.  
Rabbit made the twibbons for twitter and facebook.
Thanks Miceal

some did posts and used Mr Linky to let us know.

and she's mailing it to him.

and of course everyones favorite animator  JC

The comments on JC's post were so wonderful.

So there ya go, social media isn't just used to sell  stuffed sock monkey dolls and  join in coupon /recipe rings.  It can be overwhelmingly wonderful.  

This is an example of why I am proud of  my internet community.

Thanks guys, and if you are a blogger and you want to link up go to
If you want your facebook colored blue  friend me on FB and comment on the wall.
If you want a twibbon for twitter it's there.



Unknown said...

Beautifully Blue !!

ThePeachy1 said...

you know Holly the old gal on the blog looks pretty darn good in blue too ! Rockin the Blue for Trevor !