Wednesday, November 10, 2010

There is definitely something in the air ( or ass)

My daughter was home from college this past weekend and as she sat with her laptop next to me with my laptop while a netflix movie played on the TV ( that's quality time in my house people), she screamed and read me a story so disgusting and horrendous I was speechless ( yes me, speechless).

I worked very hard to scrub it from my brain and move on with all the duties I had to complete that didn't involve me yaking everywhere.  Then this morning I log on and head to Holly's place to check out her post and BAM  equally insane and oddly enough on the same level..    A mouse in the Ass  ? 

So now I pretty much have to tell you the story Sam shared.

Dude and his 'FRIENDS"  get wasted. - check
Dude passes out                               -    check
Dudes friends shove a 20 inch  Asian Eel up his butt - check


Yeah I obviously had way cooler friends, we would freeze each others undergarments, or drawn on their faces with sharpie markers and yes one football player did indeed get his eyebrows shaved off in the most drastic drunk prank.  But really our shaving cream or baby powder in the hand doesn't even hold a candle to what people are doing now days.

Oh yeah dude died, because the eel ate his friggin colon.

I am so glad  my getting that freaking drunk days are in my past, and if I should opt to go in that general direction again I have the kind of friends who would most definitely not shove a mouse nor an eel up my butt.


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Rachel said...

The friends are "likely" to face charges. Because they didn't think when they shoved a live eel up the man's ass that something could go wrong. What the hell is wrong with people???

Unknown said...

Stop the madness people!STOP.IT.NOW!
That is an EXIT not an ENTRANCE!

Oilfield Trash said...

What part of exit only do they not understand?

Miley said...

That's IT! I'm getting "EXIT ONLY" tattooed on my tailbone.

ThePeachy1 said...

Ok good it's not just me that thinks these people are having a fundamental moral issue for wanting to shove animals and things in general up their drunk passed out friends butts.

Laugh. It's Life in Progress said...

OH MY GODS! Now I have to enlighten my children (oldest about to turn 18) that THIS behavior is in NO WAY normal, or acceptable. Sharpie marker sure, shaving cream in hand and tickle nose with feather - not a problem... even frozen skivvies isn't terribly bad. Hell we died some girls hair bright neon green with koolaid because she passed out first... it was a pretty shade!!! But animals in orifices... HELL NO! *shiver*

Sandra said...

OMG an eel?...I had heard of the small rodent thing as a "pleasurable" thing...but eels? not pleasant and very gross...I'm kind of speechless...

ThePeachy1 said...

from what I remember from the 1998 news reporter that later became a hilarious sound byte on the net under the name of " Armageddon" the rodent up the caboose is actually called felching ( or phelching) I am NOT freaking googling it. Even with safe search on. Not this close to going to bed or so near to breakfast tomorrow.