Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday is a sin

Over the years my love and lust for Fridays has flickered out but my hatred for Monday has just increased.  Actually I am thinking of a creating a religion where Monday can not happen as it's a sin.  Plus I totally want the tax breaks.
If this goes through there will be no Mondays for anyone in my religion, you will baptized in Vodka, Cheesecake will be used at every service and there's a million awesome things about my cult religion like we wont demand long skirts touching the ground and multiple marriages like big love, but we wont care either,  in fact all the higher ups in the church will probably be found smoking in their PJ's and no service will last longer than 10 minutes you can attend on line or watch at your convenience, actually I wont care, I will probably be watching something on netflix. 
Sounds good right? I  know.. I am totally going to hell.  But look at the fun people going with me.

I have to go stain some old parchment paper with coffee and write up the lost books that will make up my "book" for basing this religion on.  
See ya



Dazee Dreamer said...

God, I love both of those pictures. Thanks. Needed a good laugh today

Oilfield Trash said...

AS long as their is beer and boobies involved, you can count me in.

bitethebedbugs said...

Oh lordy that's some funny shit. It appears one of the priests/monks/pastors (I don't know! I honestly am bad at churchy stuff) is laughing. Like he knows the force is behind him.

ThePeachy1 said...

@Dazee - glad you got a laugh we all need them today I think.
@Oil Field Trash- You know there is beer we will keep it in the Holy box next to the Vodka.
@BitetheBedBugs- yeah I always get my biships and cardinals confused with bluejays and cardinals, wait, never mind.

Unknown said...

I sealed my fate about going to hell along LONG time ago, if such a place exists. Anything I do now is just extra ammo. LOVE that YMCA

Marie Nicole said...

Can I be like that nun that reads the bible every week on tv? You've all seen her? She's like man'ish in her black robe and has toad skin and reads in a monotone. I want to be her but instead of toad skin I'll paint my face like a zebra! Please?