Saturday, January 15, 2011

it's blank bitches

sorry trolls go somewhere else let like the Tea Cup ride at Disney.

pay a fee wait in line or go to the short rides


Oilfield Trash said...

I think I will now be deleting my account on there.

Thanks for sharing their "jackassery".

ThePittsofBeingPeachy said...

@OFT - this was not meant to make anyone leave the group or delete the group or not use the group to grow, I just felt more like the group was USING us to grow instead of the other way around, I finally had my fill, and I am not really that great at keeping my opinion to myself. I will not think ill of anyone in the group and I hope you walk away with a shitton of their awards and if you can find time to write articles JUST for them that is awesome. I just didn't realize all these months that was what it was about, them, "our group" not OUR group.

The Reckmonster said...

I'm with OFT - I'll be deleting my account. Christ on a PONY - I struggle enough to lay down the brilliance (bahahaha) on my OWN blog. I'll be damned if I'm going to pull EXTRA brilliance out of my ass to put somewhere else and not be allowed to share it on my own blog. My house is still in a recession, and brilliance is a one of those "in short stock" commodities, so it's precious - and I have to "save" it. I also don't really think that's "upping" their standards - it's just a retarded way to say, "We're selfish and trying to exploit you w/o you realizing it." There are a lot of REALLY brilliant writers on there - and I think they'll be hip to the nazi uberlord plan to steal their shit. That, and they were dumb for not posting the guest post you submitted - because that was truly BRILLIANT (am I overusing the word "brilliant" here, bc I'm starting to feel redundant). Their loss. Peachy's gain! I'd rather read Peachy and Peachy's guest posts than stuff on there anyway! Cobra power!

ThePeachy1 said...

@ReckMonster- OMG you are Brilliant, that was so full of utter brilliance. Also again, I did not write this to encourage anyone to leave the group, it's just not for me, and I have known that for some time, I encourage all writers to post anywhere and everywhere they can, this way you may reach someone different or new that shares your view ( omg a rhyme I am so freaking cool) Plus you should at least stay to get your awards I am sure you will be getting, duh. Like don't break up with the boyfriend on Feb 12. You know, COBRA SISTER UNTIE. wait, UNITE!

Marie Nicole said...

I must admit to this date I've never read a post on the "magazine" but I've read yours many times. What does that make me?

Although I am remaining on S30+ because so far it's brought me you and a bunch of other blog friends I probably would not have found otherwise... It's not all bad, there is a lot of good, we just need to be a positive source of influence.

Anonymous said...

I really hate that you all have this feeling about Studio 30 +. Unfortunately, Peachy didn't add the last email that I sent her explaining why we were doing this. I feel bad about that.

We are doing this not to make money. In fact, nobody is making money. Jerrod and I haven't made any money from this. We have $200 in the account, like it says at the bottom. Everything we send out is honest. We are doing it to try to get more bloggers involved ON the site. We want to see more writing ON the site. And we want it to be original. We do have more announcements and changes coming, we are still in the planning processes.

We are not trying to edge anybody out. We are not trying to hurt people's feelings, as I stated in my email. We are trying to change as we get more bloggers on Studio 30 +.

And I am sorry that this was posted today. I don't want people to be upset about the changes that we're making. We hope in the end that people will like what happens with Studio 30 +.

jerrod said...

Just so the other side is represented here...

The magazine was not to steal original material from bloggers. You are wrong. In no way did we ask or assume that bloggers submit original pieces and not receive credit for them. On many occasion through Facebook and Twitter, magazine posts were advertised. By Studio30 and by the author. It simply got to a point that all the magazine was used for were links to blogs and pasted posts. When we started asking members for original posts, it got lost in the constant links and paste jobs. We have so many places for self promotion and we encourage that (profile linking on Studio30, Facebook, Twitter, you own blog etc.). We wanted the magazine to be something different and not just be the same stuff people are already posting on their blogs. We are sorry you don't understand this creative outlet and were offended by it.

Also, if you truly didn't want people to pack up their things and leave Studio30 Plus like you claimed, this post would have never happened and it would have been resolved differently. Trying to start a fire when there is barely any smoke is childish.

Chunky Mama said...

Hey Peach, you know, even though I don't actually know you, I gotta say after this post that you are pretty great. Lol.

BacardE said...

Sounds like I need popcorn cuz this is going to go extra innings.
I love you writing style and use of pictures to clarify your point. (whatever that may be).

"..barely any smoke is childish"

Sounds like "where there is smoke there is fire...." could be used.

ThePittsofBeingPeachy said...

aww thanks @chunkyMomma - since I am currently radio active ( and always childish) you should probably distance yourself from my actually quoting what THEY SAID via screen shots that really can't be denied and my obvious bitchiness. Or you can come sit at the table with the stinky kids.

Kimberly Wright said...

You know the real reason this all happened? You are the Devil's Whore. I am too, so it's all good. We are totally into threesomes. Wait. This is the wrong blog to be commenting on.


Okay, Jerrod looks like Jesus. He is trying to save you Sandi. I'm just saying.

ThePeachy1 said...

I can't tell but I am pretty sure he wants me to have angry sex with him, and my husband can attest that you have to do a helluva lot more than call me childish to get that kind of action. I am talking like break a plate level of horrible shit before I break out the boots and whip.

Oilfield Trash said...

I like the word "devils whore", that just sounds so southern err naughty.


Oilfield Trash said...

Oh and the funny thing about this whole shindig is, I have had ZERO traffic come from them to my blog. I check my stats regularly and I have ZERO people come to my blog from them. Makes me wonder.

Kimberly Wright said...

Oilfield Trash I am so visiting your blog.

Signed - The Devil's Whore

ThePittsofBeingPeachy said...

You know what. This smells like Teen spirit. Or possibly a stagnant locker room. Which is odd because to me that's what Teen Spirit would smell like.

Also don't hate studio thirty because I am a bitch and posted their emails and stuff, if you are going to hate on somebody you really need your own reasons. Otherwise your just kind of like a lemur and seriously? Lemurs are so fucking cute yeah? But you don't want to be one. Unless your like a Madagascar Lemur because they can totally dance and party. Those are lemurs right? Please don't make me netflix this.
OFT, I am not shocked you love any term with whore in it.

bitethebedbugs said...

I'm a member but don't spend a great deal of time posting there; not because I don't like it but because I feel like I'm spread pretty thin as it is. I love the idea of a community, a forum, other than say Blogher where bloggers can post and learn from one another. Like a hub for us. I think there are always inevitable growing pains in a new venture and I'm willing to see where this all goes. I think what's really hard is that it stings to be asked for content for free. I can see why some people are mad and put off by this. I get it. How many times have I gone to craigslist hoping for a writing gig only to find the inevitable list of bullshit, "Write for us for exposure" type of offers with no money. I totally get that Studio 30 simply is not in the position to pay. That makes sense; they are new, struggling and I'd never expect them to at this stage in the game. J & J probably aren't rolling in a bed full of money a-la Indecent Proposal. We're all underpaid (or not paid at all) writers.

I think we writers have a visceral response when someone asks us to give our writing away for free. It makes us mad because there aren't too many other things that are given for free. I don't ask for free medical treatment or free oil changes from my mechanic. But everyone expects free blogging/free content. Which I understand, I do. At the same time, I don't get put off when I see a donate money button on blogs. Especially ones with no ads. Why shouldn't they ask for money? If I like their content and come back enough, I'll give. People get all up in arms about asking for blogging money. I'd never put a donate button simply because I'm scared of the backlash. I guess this is a side rant: cable isn't free, books for the most part aren't free, music (if you're getting it legally) isn't free. But a writer puts up a donate button and people get upset.

The problem is that while I'd LOVE to have content to spare, and content for their magazine, (because I do want to see it grow) it's all I can do to keep my own blog updated. And that blog is free so not sure how much more free I can give. Hope I haven't upset anyone. I'm bad at conflict. It's why I probably need to post on your site pretty soon Peach, because I got a Freaky McFreakerson stalking me on mine.

squatlo said...

Peachy one, I put a post on the "magazine" over there and got the same rejection notice you did. I react poorly to rejection, have been known to sob uncontrollably outside the door of goddesses who didn't find my charms sufficiently awesome, so this came as yet another door-in-the-face.
All I was trying to do was post a teaser line or two from a blog I'd written about a war-of-wills I once engaged in with my two year old daughter 28 years ago, and to refer to the bone-chilling threat she gave me at the end of our battle.
Apparently, Studio30whatever wants us to write completely fresh material for their 'mag', sans restitution or affirmation, and do so quietly.
I'm glad I signed up because it led me to your blog, and you to mine, but to tell you the truth, the format is unbelievably complex and hard to navigate, and I still don't understand the concept.
Might dump it myself, just outta rejection reflex.

Who needs another headache? said...

Heck, I'm not from the South, but I don't understand their rules at all. I do love your spunk and sarcasm. I checked out the group (I think I joined, or tried to but there seemed to be a lot of red tape) when I was new to blogging.

I quickly lost interest because of their "donate now" approach.

What's this about "original" material? Nowadays, other (real) magazine publishers don't require this. They understand that you're likely to do multiple/simultaneous submissions. They don't care. They're just looking for good writing.

These people will only keep losing good contributors like you with their elitist, mercenary, and unrealistic approach.

Keep being a bitch, as appropriate.

Liza Day said...

I completely misunderstood the way things work at S30P and thought is was going to be a really good thing. I have sent a note to Jules/Jerrod with my thoughts. I thought I could share my stories in the magazine, but didn't realize I could not have them on my blog. I have deleted what few stories I had on there because of the "rules". My few readers shouldn't have to go to another site to read my stuff. I'm from Northeast Louisiana and my mama taught me to share. I thought I was sharing MY stories with others on the site, not writing new ones for someone else.

Sorry J/J, I'm gonna have to wish you the best cut the cord on this one.

Still learning....

Good luck to everyone on your blogs!!!

I'll Tell Ya What

ThePittsofBeingPeachy said...

To everyone above, I LOVE YOU, thank you for your support and or hatred. I would also like to thank those of you who emailed me saying I have more balls than a Christmas Tree or that I rock ( because I am a leo I really like those ones).

In turn I can't help but also thank the people wrote post about me today in private and public places and a special shout out to the ones that called me immature ( duh read my blog much ?) and followed it with blocked commenting and name calling. I had no clue it was opposite day.

I am so out of the loop. It must be all the kitten kicking and baby seal clubbing ( not to be confused as clubbing with a navy seal) that's eating up my time.

Can we all just move along now? Like to Olive Garden? I really want a bread stick right now.

Adam P. Knave said...

What kills me about this is the OMGDRAMA you bring to the table. OK. They do things now in a way you don't like, but "Unfriend me, run away from me because IT COULD CAUSE YOU PROBLEMS!" is just... Wow. The drama you inject into this is seriously kooky.

Take a step back. Realize that bringing so much drama to bear in how you preset things does everything but help your case. Seriously.

Try decaf.