Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You can't buy friends like this. Unless you have paypal.

People. I adore you. I also adore the fact that yesterdays post garnered me a plethora of  tweets, dm's, facebook emails, gmails and regular emails. It was by far the undisputed most "private" reaction post EVER on any of my blogs.   The deal is, I had a week long series of MORE scientific studies planned for you all this week.  It was, dare I say it, beyond genius absolutely awesome.  So last night moments before I chug down a handful of ambien with vodka  at a final review with my staffdalmatian, a used paper towel, I  made  the decision to shelf it for now due to current social climate and recent events.

I hyperventilated a little and then I ate a banana.  Then that stuff flew from my fingertips like the debil in that song, "The debil went down to Georgia".  I totally blame the banana for this mayhem.
photo credit to Slaraffenland on Flickr.com

( I need you to know that I wrote this post with no images, then simply went to google and typed in "devil banana" and this popped up.  FRUE TRUCKING STORY ! I SWEAR TO BOB !)

My dear friend Holly at MidWesternMamah gave me the down low of what happened and it was very 80's rocket concert days of me, included me not knowing anything about the post because I woke up today hog tied in the back of a Chevy van with a new tattoo of Mighty Mouse flying out of my ass crack.   Do you people realize what a valuable asset a friend like that is?   I do. Anyone who can think up a cover that fast  remember what happened so accurately is priceless.

So I ran to my bathroom dropped trow and contorted myself like a pretzel to see if any of it was true.  There staring back from the very clean big mirror, was my very sexy, firm,  hot  big freckled ass,  and then THIS...

Saving the day are we #eve? 

and in the immortal words of the best news guy that ever lived.  Now you know the rest of the story. ( sort of)


also this guy is only wearing children's party favors for clothes

and now I sing, "brass monkey, that funky monkey, brass monkey junkie that funky monkey."


Venom said...

I am just Blown Away by your awesomeness.

D2D saleman deterent kit - check.

Dogbutt pointed closetways - check.

Guy dressed in children's party favours? Speechless.

Anonymous said...

BWWAAAHHHAA!! OMG !! I *am* saving the day. You do know that I have saved that pic, right?? I love you #Sybil - love love love!!

Oilfield Trash said...

You are welcome for the award. And I did notice that you put the award up on your page.

You deserved it.

The Empress said...

I concur with Oilfield, your award was well deserved. The interesting tatt, well that one is up for debate.


Miley said...

Speechless. Just speechless.

pattypunker said...

i used to love the sight of children's beach toys. pass the eye bleach, please.

congrats on the award!